Expertise and mastery across construction, design and architectural phases led by excellent project management are needed by the successful implementation, design and conception of any commercial fit-out require.

Stakeholders of commercial projects mistakenly understand commercial interior design in Bangalore and its disciplines as a luxury afterthought.

Nothing can be different from the truth. Good design offered by Perfectspaceinterior is often the result of the right expertise and vision across functional domains in our humble experience coming together through well led collaboration and orchestration.

Adding value to a project is much more than just lip service, the onus of relevance has never been more important. Keywords such as eco-friendly, timeless, and sustainable driving the creative agenda matters the most.

Understanding your space: what are the shapes, heights and sizes of your working areas? What sort of fittings and furniture will be integrated? The placement of doors, windows and amount of natural light available also matters.

Defining your vision: is your vision defined by branding? Is accommodating functionality or achieving harmony across all areas your vision? Among placements, objects and materials, Is there an orderly pattern? Relevant to each other and their environments, are the fittings and furniture distributed dimensionally and aesthetically?

Selecting a color palette: Different operation, domain and vision are available at every space, and every corporation. As such while selecting a color palette for your new corporate interior, there are many variables to consider.

In any design brief, a company’s existing culture and brand will need to be complemented and present in the final color palette; corporate identity will likely play a lead role.

Branding is complemented by Color temperature often, but the lighting density and size of your climate or space can also add weight to your selection: cooler colours (blues, violets), warmer colors (yellows, oranges and reds) or neutral colors (green).

The finish is the Personal touch. They include other aesthetics that complement and add weight to your corporate identity, the plants, and pictures. This adds flavor to your commercial interior design in Bangalore.

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