Customized comfort is the primary goal of residential design. And go beyond just the visual (lighting, colour, and space) is the key in achieving comfort in Residential interior design in Bangalore. All senses are addressed by exceptional interior design; it includes the touch, smell and hearing senses. True harmony in a space can be achieved by engaging all senses.

The Visual

Mostly, Interior design is visual. Colour is the primary element that impresses us when we see designed interiors in magazines and on TV; it’s probably the psychology of colour and what gives the strongest impression. But Light affects the colours we see. It affects how we see those colours and thus, the lighting quality is very important in interior design offered by Perfectspaceinterior. Thus, we respond to colours subconsciously.

But space is the most important element contributing to the overall visual aspect to residential design. If not purely, psychological, it even goes beyond the visual-it full dimensional. How we feel in that space is affected by whether a space is ample or tight. All contribute to the overall impression we get from a space including space between structural elements and furniture pieces, but the space between the floor to the ceiling, and the space between walls.

We can’t see the space we’re in With our eyes closed. But, beyond the mere visual, space and Residential interior design in Bangalore goes. Considering the blind that are sight-impaired, it is only when we move in a space that we get the full felt for it. That’s why is so important to Ergonometric-which concerns measurements of furniture dimensions with respect to the movement and human body. And space planning is based on this.

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